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Twitter Mistakes to Avoid at Work

Hamsa Ramesha | LedgerLink

A lot has been written about the revolutionary impact of Twitter: how it’s changed the way we communicate, how it’s connected us to one another, how it’s increased transparency in everything we do, and how it’s even helped us find jobs.

But as much as people love Twitter, there’s growing concern about other impacts the social networking tool is having, especially when it comes to workplace productivity.

As with other popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter is a great way to pass the time. It’s also a great place to share your troubles with the world and go on a 140-character rant.

The problem is that people tend to touch upon issues that are unprofessional, threaten company privacy agreements, or reflect badly on their own work ethics.

It’s one thing to tweet about how you’re tired and looking forward to the weekend, and another to mention your passionate hatred for everyone in the office and blatantly announcing exactly how you’ll be blowing off work. One is understandable, while the other could get you fired, or at least in very serious trouble.

We’ll let you figure out which.

In the meantime, here are some cringe-worthy examples of inappropriate tweets for you to learn from, and maybe laugh at.