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Top 10 Athletes Who Should Have Hired a Good Accountant

Steve Berman, LedgerLink

2. Michael Vick

The shocking thing about the saga of Michael Vick — besides the cruelty he and his cohorts showed towards dogs — was the speed at which he fell from the top of the sports world to the bottom of the real world.

It was just a few years ago that Vick had the richest contract in the NFL and multimillion-dollar endorsement deals. Then, he suddenly became PETA’s biggest enemy after his arrest for serving as the financial backer of a dog-fighting ring that spanned across several states.

The ensuing legal fees, along Vick’s non-guaranteed contract with the Atlanta Falcons, turned out to be toxic for the speedy quarterback’s already stressed checkbook. Vick was forced to spend two years in federal prison, in the process losing all of his endorsement deals and both of his houses, causing Vick to file for bankruptcy.

The story for Vick has improved professionally as of late, as he was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles. Vick saw his first NFL action in over two years on September 27, and hasn’t experienced anywhere near the backlash from protesters and animal rights groups that many predicted when he left prison and started looking for work.

Still, the former Nike spokesman whose jersey was once the No. 1 seller in the NFL is left to fight his way back to respectability as a third-string quarterback. And he’s still broke.