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IFRS Education: Why Accountants Should Get It Before It’s Hot

IFRS Education: Why Accountants Should Get It Before It’s Hot

Dona DeZube, Monster Finance Careers Expert

September 09, 2009

Shop Around

Before you purchase any online courses, here are some questions to ask:

  • How is the material presented? Are you getting Word documents or animated course material tied in with streaming audio and video?

    * Is there interaction with the instructor?

    * Does the course qualify for CPE for your state licensing board or trade association? If so, how is that credit issued and recorded?

    * Who is the instructor and what IFRS experience does he have?

Update Immediately

The nanosecond you finish your IFRS course, be sure to update your resume. “Anyone with IFRS education, experience or knowledge should highlight it at the top of the resume,” Viego says. “It shows you’re current on trends and standards.”

Next, put your new knowledge to work by volunteering to join your company’s IFRS committee or offering to head a project looking at what IFRS will mean for your firm.

Then, get ready for the offers to roll in. “This is going to pass the SEC, and every company is going to have to comply,” Viego says. “When a company sees this experience and the long-term potential to use that individual for several years through the compliance stage, it makes the candidate more marketable.”