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6 Outrageous Hiring Practices

Hamsa Ramesha | LedgerLink

6. Where’s Your Poker Face?

Landing a job isn’t just a matter of your skills and experience — there’s always a little bit of luck coming into play. Back in 2006, Harrah’s VP of Talent Acquisition Susan Hailey launched the MBA Poker Championships in Las Vegas, inviting business school students to mingle with recruiters from companies like Google, Dell, Microsoft, and Nationwide. Designed to attract MBAs from top-notch schools like UCLA and Duke University, the highly successful charity-poker-slash-recruiting-and-branding tournament is now an annual event. Both full-time and part-time MBA students, as well as alumni who are at least 21 years old, are invited to participate.

Participants must have some familiarity with poker, and real cash prizes are given, with a portion donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. Besides the element of fun, recruiters look for risk-taking and analytical skills; but if poker isn’t your thing, there is still time set aside for candidates to meet with recruiters, submit their resume, and learn about more opportunities. Talk about making landing a job literally a gamble!