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6 Outrageous Hiring Practices

Hamsa Ramesha | LedgerLink

5. Speed Dating? Try Speed Interview-Dating

If the quick judgment calls made in speed dating terrified you, imagine going through similar stress for getting a job! In an effort to hire 30 staff members, UK hotel chain Travelodge conducted three minute interviews, jokingly referred to as a “Flirtatious Encounter” according to the a press release. Talk about making a snappy first impression!

In the 2008 press release, Travelodge Resourcing Manager, Ruth Saunders, said they would decide whether or not they liked the candidate in “the first minute and a half of meeting them.” Granted, the hiring process is a pretty time consuming ordeal, for both the interviewee, and the interviewer. But is this really enough time to hear anything more than a candidate’s elevator pitch?

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