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6 Outrageous Hiring Practices

Hamsa Ramesha | LedgerLink

2. Ready, Set, Write!

Most companies have some kind of online application for open positions, which makes snail-mailing resumes and cover letters sound like an old-timey tradition of generations past. Unfortunately, while online applications make the job seeker’s life easy, it does tend to fill up a hiring manager’s inbox.

In an effort to trim the herd, some companies lengthened the online application process by having candidates fill out a lengthy questionnaire, detailed work history, references upon references, and maybe even an essay question or two. It’s one thing if you’re applying for a writing-related job, or are further along the hiring process. But jumping through so many hoops so early on — just for a chance at getting your resume seen — is an unnecessary procedure enough to discourage even the most skilled of candidates.

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