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6 Outrageous Hiring Practices

Hamsa Ramesha | LedgerLink

1. Sell Your Boss

Yes, you read that right.

In 2008, online recruiting company launched a “Sell Your Boss” video campaign to encourage employees to sell out their evil bosses in exchange for cash. If this sounds ingenious to you, you’re right: the video quickly went viral. Who hasn’t thought about giving their boss the boot – and getting paid for it?!

This firing hiring practice came off as more of a PR spin than a legitimate hiring tactic. The program involved the soon-to-be-ex-boss getting an email inviting him to apply for a job, indicating that he was “referred” by employee John Smith (the actual name was used). Employees were only given cash compensation if their boss was actually hired elsewhere and left the current company. Aimed at an Indian audience, the video was produced by marketing company Regalix.

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