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8 Secrets of “Lucky” Job-Seekers

Nina Kim | LedgerLink

Truly Believe You Are a Lucky Person

You’ve heard the phrase, “Mind over matter,” but do you actually believe it? All those self-help coaches telling you to “Stay positive! Be optimistic!” may be annoying and seem disingenuous, but they actually might be onto something.

To get in the right mindset of a “lucky” job-seeker, you have to truly believe in the likelihood of good things happening to you. If you’re constantly down in the dumps, you won’t behave positively, which is the one thing that could possibly change your situation.

“If you believe you are fortunate much of the time, you are likely to exhibit behavior that makes people more responsive to you,” says Martin Seligman, professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and author of Authentic Happiness.

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