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15 Most Ridiculous Ways to Lose Your Job

Zac Frank and Tania Khadder

12. We’ll Do it Live

Stupid videos

In most jobs, accuracy is a key benchmark for keeping your job. If you are wrong 90% of the time, odds are you will be joining the legions of the unemployed. As we all know, though, there is one profession for which this is not the case: the weatherperson. As far as “sciences” go, meteorology’s closest cousin is astrology (though horoscopes are usually more on point).

But a forecaster is not immune to the chopping block. As this one from upstate New York learned, a meteorologist’s job is really just to smile, stand in front of a map, and not yell a string of profanities.

(Fortunately for Bill O’Reilly, he’s not a weatherman…)

Moral of the Story

If you have to unleash a string of expletives, don’t do it on live TV.

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