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15 Most Ridiculous Ways to Lose Your Job

Zac Frank and Tania Khadder

9. Crime Scene Photography

You hear some weird stories out of New York, but usually not from its smallest borough, Staten Island. Earlier this year, an emergency medical technician (EMT), responding to a murder snapped some photos of the strangled victim. The EMT proceeded to upload the pictures to his Facebook page. (We wonder what he called the album…). A friend who saw the gruesome images contacted his employer, the Richmond University Medical Center, and he was promptly let go.

What’s sadder: the EMT, a former cop, had been a hero before he retired from the force. He saved a man from a burning car, rescued a mother and daughter from a capsized boat, and prevented a homeless man from taking his own life. With a click of the mouse, he ruined his reputation and landed himself unemployed.

Moral of the Story

All employers take privacy rights seriously. Be careful that the photos you’re posting online don’t violate those rights.

Bonus Moral

Your friends don’t want to see gruesome pictures anyway. They’ll probably think you’re creepy.

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