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The Future of Work

The Future of Work

Carol Hazard | Richmond Times-Dispatch, Va.

The American work force is headed in ways unimagined just a decade ago.

Careers are out and skill sets are in. Workers should think in terms of being contractors instead of employees, academics and futurists say.

Jobs will become even more portable because technology has made it easy to work from almost anywhere, including outside the country.

Accelerating technologies will create entrepreneurial opportunities for work, products and services.

Plus, an energy crunch and the country’s response to meeting that challenge will help define new jobs.

Meantime, the global balance of power is shifting. Where will the U.S. economy prove the strongest and the weakest?

And what is the future of economic stability? Is last year’s meltdown an anomaly or a chronic condition?

These trends and changes will transform our concept of working life as we know it and its endgame – retirement.

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