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Find a Job Without Getting Fired

Find a Job Without Getting Fired

Nealeigh Mitchell | LedgerLink


Nothing will get you fired faster than a potential employer ringing up your current boss and asking about your work ethic. If you’ve told your interviewer that you’re currently employed, they’ll understand why you want to keep things confidential and won’t contact your current boss until a firm offer is on the table.

However, if they’re bent set on someone immediately speaking on your behalf, offer to provide a list of previous employers who can provide a reference for you. Under no circumstances should you provide your current boss’s info unless your new job is in the bag. Otherwise you run the risk of getting fired on the spot.

Keep Quiet

Sure, complaining to your colleagues about how unhappy you are may seem harmless enough, but if you’re seriously looking to leave the company, keep it to yourself. Prematurely bragging about a potential new job before you have an offer is dangerous. If your boss catches on that you’re looking to jump ship, she’ll probably give you a hand and shove you straight toward the unemployment line. Also, even if you’re really close to your manager, you shouldn’t feel obligated to inform her you’re job searching until you’re ready to give your notice.

Keep The One You Have

Even though you’ve mentally and emotionally checked out, you have a responsibility to your current boss to do your job to the best of your ability until your last day. Otherwise, you’ll be the first on the chopping block when staff cuts come around. Yes, it may be hard to perform at top level with one foot out of the door, but you will feel better about leaving your boss — and your boss will give you a better reference — if you know you gave it your all until the end.

Remember, there’s no shame in looking for another job. As long as you’ve carefully considered your current position, treat your current boss fairly, and are smart about your search, moving on is the right move and can get you where you deserve to be.