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Find a Job Without Getting Fired

Find a Job Without Getting Fired

Nealeigh Mitchell | LedgerLink

Scheduling Interviews

Interviewing is going to be one of the greatest challenges you’ll face as an employee turned seeker. After all, there is a limit to the number of emergency doctor appointments one can have before the boss catches on.

So how do you sneak out to interviews without making your boss suspicious? Well, it’s not easy. Firstly, avoid scheduling phone interviews at all costs. Unfortunately, many companies use the phone interview to screen potential hires, so if you absolutely must talk over the phone, give them your cell number and duck out of the office to conduct the interview.

Setting up interviews before work, during lunch or after work is ideal. However, depending on your PTO balance, you should consider arranging interviews in the morning and taking the entire day off, if possible. That way you won’t feel guilty or pressed for time. On that note, do let the HR manager know your current employment situation ahead of time. They’ll understand your rigid time constraints and will try to keep the interview as brief as possible.

Dressing for Interviews

Unless you’re a stockbroker or an attorney, you probably don’t wear a blazer and heels to work everyday. Since business casual (and I use the term casual loosely) has become the norm, suddenly swapping your cardigan and jeans for a pinstriped skirt suit will surely catch the boss’s eye. Unfortunately, there’s not much else you can do but pull a Superwoman and swap outfits in the car (or a public restroom, if need be!). A bit of wrinkle and wriggle is well worth keeping your current job and dressing appropriately for your interview.

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