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7 Jobs That Make Yours Look Better

7 Jobs That Make Yours Look Better

Nealeigh Mitchell | LedgerLink

Okay, so you hate your job. You’re sick and tired of clocking in day after day just to rot away in a cubicle. Your measly paycheck just isn’t worth the daily drudgery and never-ending grind.

It’s called a job for a reason, but remember, it could always be worse — the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. In fact, it could be quite smelly and dangerous.

Remember all of those times you’ve said, “You couldn’t pay me to do that?” when confronted with a vomit-inducing task? Well, someone does do that for a living. So be thankful for your mundane job. You could be working in one of these fields.

Crime Scene Cleaner

No, cleaning up blood and guts is not as glamorous as CSI may have you believe. This job is grisly. Besides sweeping up rotting body parts and other biological waste, cleaners may be called in to mop up hazardous fluids, dangerous chemicals, and illegal drugs. If you’ve got an iron stomach and strong will, this job is all yours.

Stool Sample Analyzer

Wondering who gets to the bottom of your bathroom dilemmas? Stool analyzers dive into patients’ samples to diagnose digestive conditions. The dissection tests check the color, weight, shape, and odor of the droppings. The techs also identify any blood and mucus present in the samples. All day long.

Deodorant Tester

Deodorants are made to reduce perspiration and mask unpleasant bodily odors. How do you test them? Easily — by taking whiffs of subjects’ underarms and rating their pungentness on a scale of 1-10. And we’re not talking about the pits of the idle. To best test a deodorant’s strength, the subjects will have moved, shaked and perspired their ways to evaluators’ noses. So if sniffing noxious B.O. all day is your cup of tea, Dove is awaiting your call!

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