5-Step Guide to Becoming an Accountant

In this era of economic uncertainty, it’s not just about making money. For businesses and individuals alike, minimizing expenses and documenting all business transactions correctly and honestly have become just as important as maximizing revenue.

That’s where accountants come in. Despite the “bean counter” stereotype, accountants are invaluable employees who lead clients through the ever-changing world... Full Story

Accounting Industry Career Advice

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    14 Behaviors That Foster Trust

    14 Behaviors That Foster Trust
    Trust is an interesting concept. By the time you get to work in the morning, you may have chosen to trust or not trust a dozen people. When you turn on the weather channel, you are choosing to trust the meteorologist. When you leave your jewelry on your dressing table, you do so because you trust the cleaning person who will ...
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    10 Expert Tips to Increase Your Salary

    10 Expert Tips to Increase Your Salary
    By Kristina Cowan Determined to increase your salary? Follow these tips from Reesa Staten, vice president of communications and director of research at recruiting firm Robert Half International and Anna Ivey, a Boston-based career and admissions counselor, to increase your salary this year: 1. Get comfortable negotiating salary raises."Women fall behind here, because they generally aren't as aggressive and fall farther ...
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    Getting Through a Group Interview

    Getting Through a Group Interview
    Group interviews are relatively easy if you work well in a team and are able to make your ideas heard in a crowd. However, they can be challenging if you have a quieter personality and prefer to keep to yourself. Regardless of how you feel about group interviews, there’s no reason you should treat them any different, in most respects, ...
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    Top 5 Salary Negotiation Mistakes

    Top 5 Salary Negotiation Mistakes
    by Bridget Quigg If you want to make adults squirm like kindergartners, broach the subject of salary negotiation. Talking money makes most workers uncomfortable. And while they want such talks to succeed, they make plenty of blunders. If only they had some basic negotiation guidelines. So what's the best way to avoid stumbling and also boost your confidence? Rebecca Warriner, a ...
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    How to Ace the Phone Interview

    How to Ace the Phone Interview
    Most people regard aphone interview as a mere formality on their way to a face-to-face interview. Although the phone interview is usually just a preliminary step to the formal interview, it is just as important. If you don't impress your future employer with your phone interview, you'll never make it to the formal interview. Are you nervous talking on the phone? ...
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    Find a Job Without Getting Fired

    Find a Job Without Getting Fired
    So you’ve decided you can’t spend another year working for your under-appreciative boss with little room for growth. It’s a good job, but you’ve been here three years without a promotion. It’s time to go, right? Gone are the days when employees spend their entire careers climbing the ladder at a single company. In fact, job hopping can actually help you ...
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    What You Need to Know Before You Quit

    What You Need to Know Before You Quit
    Have you ever said the words "I quit" and wished you could take them back? Before blurting them out again, carefully think through your job situation and how these words might affect your future. Consider these factors and suggestions. Financial Risks and Timing Quitting at the wrong time can directly affect your wallet. For instance, if you resign from your position ...

Find Out More About Your Career Style

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    Are You Ready for a Career in Accounting?

    Everyone can use a calculator, but not everyone can be an accountant. Whether you're a job seeker ...

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    What's Your CPA Exam IQ?

    Before you start studying (and studying, and studying...) for the CPA Exam, you should know what you're ...

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    Accounting: A History That Always Adds Up

    Long before there were 401Ks and Turbotax, there were accountants keeping things nice and accountable. Think you ...

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    Are You An Accounting Scandals Expert?

    From Enron to Madoff, accounting scandals are seemingly always in the news. Test your corporate fraud knowledge ...

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    Career Personality Test

    Looking for the perfect career? The answer lies in your personality! SalesHQ's Career Personality Test was developed ...

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